Are Liberals Responsible For Murder?


Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where every problem was so easily defined and easy to solve? He took 4 cities in the US with high murder rates and attributed the problem to liberals and gun control. That’s it! Want to improve the murder rate? Get rid of gun control, vote in conservatives and the problem will go away. In his view, any cities with Democrats and gun control have high murder rates.

This is the type of argument that detroys the credibility of the right and continues to diminish the Republican brand. When you cherry pick statistics to support a weak argument, it’s easy to poke a hole through it and dismiss it.
Case on point, notice he fails to include New York City. The City of New York has some of the most strict gun controls laws in the country and has the lowest murder rate in recorded history. That’s right, in recorded history meaning as long as NYC has been recording murders. One source for this information, among many, comes from here. In fact, NYC comes in 136th place amount cities with a population over 100 thousand people.

The point here is not a push for gun control. In fact, I don’t think gun control has a major impact on the murder rate. I support the second amendment and our right to bear arms. Each city has a particular set of circumstances that contribute to the murder rate. A simple change to a gun law will not fix a complex socioeconomic problem.

Don’t tell that to people who follow Wild Bill for America. Give them any type of argument, accurate or not and watch the comments fly. I won’t even touch the reference to the KKK. The argument of something that happened over 100 years ago bears no relevance.

The first thing Republicans have to do is stop supporting dumb arguments.   There are plenty of real issues to debate on merit.  We don’t need to make up nonsense.

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