Wild Bill Pathetically Asks For Donations


The day finally came where Wild Bill For America outright asks for your money. In the past I was chastised for suggesting that part of his goal is to make money while spreading his message.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. If you want to support his right wing rhetoric and enjoy his messages of empty ideas then by all means, donate all you can. As the saying goes, a fool and their money are soon parted.

As a typical with right wing delusions, the reasons to justify his request for money are filled with hypocrisy. He thanks God for The Internet. Funny thing is, he should thank the US Government and Al Gore.  The US government funded the development of the technology that makes the internet possible and Al Gore sponsored a bill to commercialize the Internet and make it available to the public.  The right vilifies Al Gore and accused him of trying to take credit for inventing The Internet.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  He saw the possibilities of The Internet and fought against Republican opposition to commercialize the technology. Prior to The Internet, companies like America online and CompuServe were the main services that people used to get online.  While they were good, the content was controlled by those companies.  The Internet opened the flood gates and democratized information.  Bill claims the government manipulates everything and restricts access to the truth.  Yet the very platform he uses to spread his word was created by the government.    How ironic.  So again, go head and donate all you can to further the hypocrisy.


  1. chris

    we now know wild bill uses fake accounts to pretend he has people to agree with him

    proof the dumb ass is now making videos quoting posts from his pretend followers

    wild bill most Americans think you are a idiot

  2. Joey

    I can’t help but to feel sorry for Wild Bill. How sad is it to Pathetically ask for donations? Dam, where is your pride Wild Bill? I’m writing a book, that’s how I want to make my money, not making myself out to be a pathetic looser on the internet.

    Chris, do you have any proof that Wild Bill uses fake accounts to pretend he has supporters?

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