A Christian’s Nightmare


I don’t even know where to begin.  This goes on the list of one of his most ridiculous videos.  Bill groups scientist, atheist and liberal professors into a group of people that are one in the same.

He makes inaccurate, idiotic statements that have nothing to do with reality and goes on to suggests that Atheist are scared of what he refers to as evolution day because they fear people are going to ask good questions and demand honest answers.  Really Bill, that’s the best you have? How does one even argue with such a ridiculous premise?

Before I answer, I want to make it clear that I am not an Atheist nor am I suggesting one should become an Atheist.  I’m not defending the theory of evolution either.  I will say that his is the weakest argument for Religion I’ve ever heard.  The title of this video should be, The Christian’s Nightmare, as an example of what one should not say to argue the case.

New flash,,, science is about questioning everything.  The entire thought process behind science is to question and understand the world around us as much as possible.  To suggest that scientists or professors are afraid of any type of question is ludicrous.   There would be no progress in science whatsoever if theories weren’t questioned.

I think he is suggesting that scientist collaborate and invent theories to control simple minded people.  Wild Bill thinks scientific theories are for people who can’t think for themselves.  This might be the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard.  People who read and study science are generally very inquisitive and like to understand and much as about the theory as possible.  He did show 2 books at the end that he feels discredit the thousands of book on science and evolution.  I love when he refers to science as gobally-gook.  With all dues respect Mr. Bill, this video puts your ignorance on full display.

  1. Jedediah

    Funny this guy talks about thinking for yourself. When he cites Ken Ham as an authority he reveals himself as the brain dead idiot that he is.

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