Bringing Down The Republican Party


Not only is Wild Bill For America complaining about John Bohner, he wants him taken out completely. In addition refusing to work with Democrats in any way shape or form, there is significant infighting within the Republican Party.

It’s gridlock on top of gridlock.  As crazy as he is, even Rand Paul ceded the fact that sometimes you have to agree to disagree.  How can a divided party make any headway?

The right has a distorted view of freedom.  They fail to take into consideration that part of the price is freedom is to tolerate opposing opinions.  Not agree with, just tolerate.

This thinking doesn’t make me a liberal.  It makes me a person who realizes there are people in the world with opinions different then my own.

Bohner has fought Obama at ever turn that he possibly could.  There is only so much the speaker of the house can do.   He supported the government shutdown and damaged the republicans.   He had to react the way he did; there was no choice.

The right sees the world as black and white and tries to break everything down to its simplest form.

The infighting has to stop, at least within the party.

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    Republican Party-Democratic Party, the 2 faces of Zionism.

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