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wild bill for america

Craig Hicks (Muslim Murderer) And The Right

Wild Bill For America took a terrible tragedy and exploited it to serve his purpose. Unlike some of his followers, at least he acknowledged that the people who were killed didn’t deserve to die. Craig Hicks is a mentally disturbed individual who lacks self-control. He killed
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The Bundy Showdown

  I was waiting for a ridiculous video from Wild Bill about the Bundy situation. His first two were actually ok. The second went as far as to suggest the right should refrain from guns and violence. I was impressed. Of course, to appease his minions, the rhetoric is back.
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Wild Blowhard For America

  There are many strange things about far right ideology.  Most of it is based on generalized ideas that lack substance.  The right sis looking to bring back a golden age of America that never existed.   They distort the past that they are trying to resurrect. Wild Bill For
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Delusion Nazi Rhetoric

  Once again Wild Bill is pandering to his audience  by supporting an insane argument that the same laws used to create Nazi Germany are being instituted in the United States  in preparation for a repeat of history.  I cant being to express what ridiculous notion this is
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Wild Bill for His Version of America

Here Wild Bill for America, is really only for part of America.
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Secret Service, Not So Secret

Lets start with his most popular video.  He claims to have a source of friends in the Secret Service that are passing exclusive information to him, and him alone. These stories are far fetched and questionable to anyone who puts any rational thought to his claims.  In one part,
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