Craig Hicks (Muslim Murderer) And The Right

Wild Bill For America took a terrible tragedy and exploited it to serve his purpose. Unlike some of his followers, at least he acknowledged that the people who were killed didn’t deserve to die.

Craig Hicks is a mentally disturbed individual who lacks self-control. He killed these people over an argument regarding a parking space. His actions leading up to this incident were well documented and corroborated by many. He was known for being combative and finally lost control and killed people who happen to be Muslim.

His political ideology had nothing to do with this. His mental condition had everything to do it.   Nothing on his facebook page or any groups he followed advocated killing muslims.

Wild Bill For America takes the fact that the killer is a liberal and exploits the situation to promote Christianity. It’s a ridiculous argument that no one with half a brain should treat with any credence. Exploiting death to push an agenda is desperate. There are plenty of valid arguments for religion. This is not one of them.

I could name several mass murderers who were right wing extremist but it’s not necessary. People don’t commit acts like this over party affiliation. It’s a ridiculous argument and takes away from the legitimacy of Wild bill for America. (Not that he has much to begin with)

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  1. W. A. Mitchell

    To paraphrase Rudy Giuliani,I don’t think “Wild Bill For America” loves America. I think he loves “Wild Bill!” This distortion of Christianity by the extreme right wing is neither patriotic nor Christian. It is so reminiscent of some of the “Scribes and Pharisees” in the Gospels.

  2. Dan Moore

    Liberals are always using death to push their agenda. Why is it not okay for Wild Bill?

  3. Michael

    I don’t think that video was so terrible. I heard him say show compassion for the families of these murdered kids who were trying to do good. I see it this way. He’s standing up for God family and country in that order. If you are not accountable to higher Authority, then how can we Trust that you will do the right thing. I’ve seen some of his videos, and isn’t that his message?

  4. Feep

    “If you are not accountable to a higher authority, then how can we trust that you will do the right thing?”

    A “higher authority” has been used as an excuse to murder billions of people over the course of human history, including 9/11.

    A human being doesn’t need the threat of eternal damnation to keep them doing the right thing. If that is the only thing keeping you from committing heinous acts, then your resolve is only as strong as your faith, which humans have shown time and time again that they are willing to bend to meet their own personal desires.

    I mean, it certainly didn’t stop priests from molesting children, you would think their faith in a higher power is absolute.

    Recognizing what is right and basing how you live your life on it is a far more robust method of maintaining a good moral compass. It comes from developing strength over the course of your life, not relying upon someone else to point you in the right direction.

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