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Once again Wild Bill is pandering to his audience  by supporting an insane argument that the same laws used to create Nazi Germany are being instituted in the United States  in preparation for a repeat of history.  I cant being to express what ridiculous notion this is.  The examples they use to support their argument are even more insane.   Once such argument,,,, Obama-care is the same type of healthcare Hitler provided, government run, see, we are becoming Germany.   They actually believe this.  I could name more but video gives enough ridiculous examples.

Do these people even understand what a Socialists  country is?  If the US is practicing Socialism, we are not very good at it.   We can own businesses, have unprecedented access is an incredible amount of information like no other time in history,  and complete freedom to pursue anything we want.    Tell me, what can’t you do today, that you could do 25 years ago?  There is a record number of millionaires in this country.  Opportunity is greater now then any other time in history.    Its nonsense conspiracy theories  that are contacted for reasons that are beyond anything sensible.

And the scary part is the comments his audience write in Youtube.

Here are a few……

Sadly,you are exactly correct in your assessment here! I am amazed at the lies and deceptions being promoted by politicians, special interest groups, and of course main stream media! Everything sacred that patriots hold dear is being dismantled and discarded because they have always been roadblocks frustrating progressives! If Americans don`t soon awaken, we are as doomed as Nazi Germany! 

Thats delusional. I can’t imagine the paranoia that people live with to come up with a theory like that.

Here is another:

Hitler was an Atheist but more like a closet satanist like the rest of his like. Because everything they did served satan/ Depopulation & total control is what they aim for and abortion, gay agenda, green movement, climate control and global warming, poisoning the land, air, water and food and evolution are all parts of it of the same plan as just a few examples/ Yes Hitler was an Atheist who was really a closet satanist like the rest of the Atheists. Atheists may disagree with me and tell me they don’t believe in satan either but what I am telling them they serve him by the way they are none the less. Hitler was also gay as a three dollar bill. I think Atheists and gays share a common thread for the most part they both hate God. Nazism, Communism, Islam, Socialism and the list goes all are summed up totalitarianism. Satanists is what I prefer to call them all just to not get jumbled up with the many labeling of the same thing. Empires since the ancient and before and those who run them have always been pro-satanic.

Truth always seems like hate to the lie. And there are no humans that can hate deeper than those who hate God. The war is on and when it comes to a head satan will find out how much of a chump he is and so will those who follow and serve him. I look forward to that day





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  1. Kingston Kate

    The Right Wingers are delusional?? NO WAY!!! Only “sheep” are not afraid of Obama. He’s arrogant, power hungry, and he hates America. He’s out to destroy us and seems to be doing a fine job with little or no interference from anyone. Hmmm! what ever happened to Breitbart?? Speak against this Fraud-In-Chief, the inexperienced Socialist, and he gets wind of it, you’ve disappeared. There’s no “delusions” going on here. Where’s the REAL Navy Seal Team 6???

  2. Greg Hanson

    You illustrate my point completely, thank you……..

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