Government Kidnapping Paranoia


On the continued path of paranoid delusion, Wild Bill suggest that the US Government is altering the education system to program our youth to support the left’s agenda.

That is one powerful government if they can execute such a plan.  Its interesting how a government that can’t seem to get a simple bipartisan bill passed in congress is able to manipulate the entire education system to promote an agenda.

Isn’t critical thinking a result of even the most basic education?  There are a plethora of outlets to obtain information that the government does not and cannot control.

This isn’t North Korea.

Propaganda like this promotes paranoia and diverts attention from real problems that we face as a nation.

If this much effort was focused on addressing actual problems, maybe we would get somewhere.

  1. Kingston Kate

    Greg, You moron! It’s called Common Core and it’s implemented in many schools around the country. Wake up! Obama wants his Leftie agenda wherever he can put it. Too bad he won’t make it through his second term, as he’s about to be impeached!!!

  2. Greg Hanson

    Do you even know what common core actually is? Can you point out anything, anywhere that demonstrates a hidden left wing agenda in the curriculum ? Do you have any original thoughts beyond the same set of right wing talking points that every one of you blindly repeat?

    I’m a moron? Why, because I don’t subscribe to far right propaganda and actually judge a situation on its merits or faults rather than fact-less theory?

    How does it feel to live in a world filled with paranoia, constantly in fear?

  3. Greg Hanson

    Not that I’m defending common core,,, I’m just suggesting that you would criticize it for the right reasons, not made up nonsense.

  4. Creig J. Jordan

    Kingston Kate – I agree – but I do not know if you’re a moron – yet. I trust this administration as far as I can SPIT. NOTHING that comes from this administration (or any of its MANIFOLD departments will do ANYTHING THEY CAN to get their agenda passed – pushed off – even FORCED upon the American people. Let’s just say – It isn’t Wild Bill who SUCKS.

  5. Greg Hanson

    I agree that there are significant issues with the administration, however spreading all this nonsense rhetoric makes everyone look paranoid and insane

  6. Joey

    LMAO, well, I do have to give Wild Bill credit on this one. No, I do not agree with everything he preaches, but I have to say, here in Z.O.S.A. (Zionist Occupied States of America) almost everything taught in the school systems are a lie (except for Math, and maybe English), and the WW2 Holocaust is now a criculum in every school while other history is being ignored (for example, the Communist takeover in Russia and the Talmudic Bolsheviks killing 66 million Christians).

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