More Nonsense from Wild Bill For America


This is an example of Wild Bill For America pandering to his listeners by preaching talking points from the right wing handbook. Its a ridiculous premiss which I’m sure is satire that is filled disdain for the majority people that make up this country. I get that the premise of him being president is a joke, however the underlying tone of his message paints a picture of America for a select few and the scary part is people actually believe in this nonsense. I love when he suggests that as President, he would carry a nickel plated gun. Although its a joke, its am example of the mindset behind these wackos. The 2nd amendment isn’t about parading a guns all over the place. It’s about a right to self protection.

The comments from his followers put their insanity on full display. Here is a great one from the video above.

Sir, all those reasons are reasons to run for office, hell my faith is deader than a doornail and even I agree with your ideas that would tick off the liberal media because I recognize you would have and do have a right to, and maybe with one of your items in office you could put in something requiring managers to have some human decency instead of being corporate robots, if managers had been human beings I might have a chance to hold a job which is all I wanted. maybe another thing you could do is cut all the needless spending and reduce our national debt like obama bin laden promised to do but then did a 180, while getting us back on a track more inline with our constitution like its suppose to be.

you still have time to get into the election, sir, and with your popularity here on youtube, with a simple pro constitutional message, and maybe with the help of, you would stand a good chance of being our commander in chief and in a position to repeal many things that are blatantly unconstitutional, like NDAA, the patriot act, letting teachers spank in school without fear of lawsuits(its not going to scar little johnny for life to get a paddling).

sir, if I understand it right, you served your country, as a soldier and then as law enforcement, sir your country needs you once again, to defend her in a greater capacity, and the liberties that are now under attack, both civil and religious(and yes, that is being said by one who has no faith, should illustrate how important this is), sir, step up again please, and if you can, maybe run with rand paul? Aenean eu leo quam. Pellentesque ornare sem.

Their entire ideology is based on ticking off the other side, not actually fixing anything. Its a black and white look at politics that simplifies the real issues and provides unachievable solutions. I guess the idea is to keep it simple so these folks can understand a cause they can get behind. As there is no critical thinking here.

  1. Kingston Kate

    Bill, You’re an idiot! I laughed through the whole video. I would do the very same thing as Wild Bill. He’s got it sooo DOWN!!! I’m a Military Veteran and senior citizen. There’s no such thing as being too conservative. You either are or you’re NOT! All others are considered LibTards!!!

  2. Greg Hanson

    What an insightful statement. Thank you for your contribution.

  3. Drew

    While I am far from the most intelligent person ever to roam the earth, Wild Bill confuses me in more ways than one. Late one night a few years ago I stumbled upon his YouTube channel and kept waiting for the punchline, for someone to yell cut and for Bill to let us all in on the joke. But that “cut” never came and so I was left to ponder the terrifying proposition that he was actually serious. He’s not though, right? I mean the gross volume of stupidity, vapidness, and hubris has a limit, right? No one skull can possibly hold that much idiocy, and that much bad information bordering on mental retardation…, can it?

    You’ve done a service by posting his videos here and allowed people a chance to comment, one that I appreciate even if I do feel the loss of cerebral function after enduring another one of his baseless, oversimplified, pompous little rant tantrums.

    My overall interest here is not so much combating his narrow views as it is, with any luck, exposing him as being a complete fraud. From what I’ve gathered there appears to be some doubt revolving around his ‘law man’ proclamations which he uses as an appeal to authority to argue points that wouldn’t fool an eight-year-old.

    In the meantime, I am also confused about the way by which he closes his videos. In some he asks God to “bless America again” while in others he asks America to “bless God again.” Like I wrote above, I am not the smartest guy in the room but this seems either a massive case of dyslexia or a massive lack of understanding regarding who should be blessing and who should be…, yeah, you know what? This is going to be fun.

    Later… Drew

  4. Greg Hanson

    I found Wild Bill the same way you did and share similar feelings. Its not so much what he says that scares me, anyone can slap a video on youtube and say anything, but rather its the following and comments he generates. There is a significant faction of people that continually praise and look at him as some kind of truth telling demigod. Its mind boggling.

    I believe that he does have a background in law enforcement. While I’m sure his experience is exaggerated, I don’t think its an outright lie. He is trying to develop a brand and make a living doing so. Glenn Beck, Rush, Anne Coulter and any other popular right wing successful blowhard is what he aspires to be.

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