Oregon Shooter and Wild Bill For America

Like clockwork, whenever there is a mass shooting tragedy, the right starts in with fake statistics and viciously defends the right to bear arms with as little regulation as possible. Their answer to everything is simply more guns. No rational thought, intelligent debate or discussion of solutions to tackle this problem.

Bill dismisses the possibility of rational thought and simply blames the liberal left. Based on news reports, Bill feels that he is able read enough into the shooter who he never met and make a determination of his mindset and chalk off the incident to liberal left policies.

His distortions of facts start right in the beginning where he dares anyone to identify a conservative who has committed a mass shooting. Right off the bat,,, Dylan Roof identified himself of a conservative as did this latest shooter in Oregon.

This truth is,, it doesn’t matter. A person who lacks the common sense or mental capacity to stop themselves from killing others are not affected by politics. It is a sickness that affects ones judgment.

This is should not be a left/right issue but rather a situation that is analyzed by facts which should help drive ideas for solutions. But that’s bot how the right works. Far right conservatives think in black and white terms. Their simple solution is more guns, everywhere or armed guards in schools. Would an armed guard have help in Oregon? The shooter was a student in the class and had a reason to be there. Would there be armed guards in every classroom all day? That would not have prevented this murder.

What about the two police officers in Brooklyn NY that were ambushed and assassinated? These highly trained police are officers were on the job, amred and in a marked police car and still got killed. A horrible thing and being armed didn’t help.

What about the officer in Texas who putting gas in his vehicle and was killed? He was armed and professionally trained.

Do we want to live in a military state where everyone is armed, itching to shoot someone, or live in constant fear of being shot? What kind of life is that?

Im not suggesting to abolish the 2nd amendment or take the government confiscate all guns or any new world order nonsense. Just a reasonable discussion on what we can do aside from arming everyone to the teeth. There has to be a better way.

Bill has a in idea, but his solution is not practicable and would not solve the problem. He wants to force everyone to become Christian assuming that the fear of God will stop those determined to cause harm. It’s a nice thought to think all this mental illness can be solved by teaching religion, but its not realistic. I fully support freedom of religion and respect everyone’s right to peruse a relationship with God on their own terms, as written in the constitution. But religion does not cure mental illness.

We need to stop dismissing ideas simple because they come from the opposing side of politics and come to a collaborative solution to help tackle this problem. Instead, we will slip into a comfortable silence, do nothing and wait for the next horrific event.

  1. Walter Knight

    It is clear that your the greates psychiatrist/psychologist in the word. You have diagnosed each of these, and in fact all murders as mentally ill. That is just absolutely absurd, with no merit whatsoever. You see in this world there is evil. And many of our fellow humans have dedicated themselves to evil.

    You ask for reasonable debate with people who do not believe an armed population is a good thing. So you only desire to debate is with persons what believe as you do. Where is the fun is that. You will not listen to anyone who disagrees with you,as you write them off as far right wing unworthy of your time. You said your not a liberal, however you certainly squak like a duck.

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