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Oregon Shooter and Wild Bill For America

Like clockwork, whenever there is a mass shooting tragedy, the right starts in with fake statistics and viciously defends the right to bear arms
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The Christian Right and Homophobia

  As most Wild Bill for America videos, this one is filled with miss-truths, distorted facts and intolerance.   At least he is consistent.  
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wild bill for america

Craig Hicks (Muslim Murderer) And The Right

Wild Bill For America took a terrible tragedy and exploited it to serve his purpose. Unlike some of his followers, at least he acknowledged that
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The Tea Party and Muslims

The right is incapable of seeing the world beyond black and white. To back up an idea or opinion they take liberties with the truth and make up
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Wild Hypocrite For America

  Bill feels that the left vilifies the right by miss-quoting statements from conservatives to further a liberal agenda.  He cites a few
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Wild Bill Pathetically Asks For Donations

  The day finally came where Wild Bill For America outright asks for your money. In the past I was chastised for suggesting that part of his
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What does Wild Bill Think About Bundy Now?

Bill made a video about the Bundy situation as soon as he learned of it, which was probably from some biased conservative website.  Without the
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The Bundy Showdown

  I was waiting for a ridiculous video from Wild Bill about the Bundy situation. His first two were actually ok. The second went as far as
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Right Wing Empty Solutions

  The far right continually perpetrates empty ideas that lack solutions. They are removed from reality and live in a world they create for
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