Right Wing Empty Solutions


The far right continually perpetrates empty ideas that lack solutions. They are removed from reality and live in a world they create for themselves.   It’s comical.

Wild Bill perpetrates an idea to fix all of our problems by offering the simplest solution possible, God and Country principals. That’s it, nothing else. Bring back God and Country principals and our problems will magically disappear.  The only reason we experience any problems at all is because we abandoned God and Country principals.

He goes on to suggest that the John Bohner and republicans work too closely with the evil and corrupt democrats who are being supported by the liberal media who never report the truth.

The Republicans have done everything they can to stop the Democrats in their tracks. This might me the most dysfunctional congress in history.

It’s ridiculous nonsense like this that is tearing the Republican Party apart. It’s a shame. It makes us look complete fools.

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