The Bundy Showdown


I was waiting for a ridiculous video from Wild Bill about the Bundy situation. His first two were actually ok. The second went as far as to suggest the right should refrain from guns and violence. I was impressed.

Of course, to appease his minions, the rhetoric is back.

People fail to truly understand the Bundy situation. This isn’t something that came out of nowhere; it was 20 years in the making.   Bundy decided to stop paying fees for the public land used by his cattle.   Over the years he fought court battles and lost.   If Bundy paid the BLM fees, this situation wouldn’t exist.

The right took Bundy’s side and showed up with guns a blazing. The government backed down rather than fight fellow Americans. This doesn’t mean the right won; it means the govt. will now use other means to go after this rancher.

I support the Rancher’s right to fight these fees. I don’t support a bunch of right wing nut jobs showing up with guns ready to kill fellow Americans.   The employees of the BLM are ordinary Americans, not foreign terrorist. They have families and live normal lives, just like everyone else. They were doing a job that they were hired to perform.

Wild Bill’s idiot, nut job backward followers are leaving comments advocating violence and death. How Christian of them……

Mr. Bundy should gather supporters and protest. Bring it to the Supreme Court but do not incite violence.

The right wing idiots’ think they made progress when in reality they knocked the movement further down the road of insanity and closer to irrelevance.

I love how there are two republicans among the sinister six that Wild Bill names as responsible for the pursuit of Bundy. Now even Mitch McConnell is on the list of bad guys.

Below is a comment from Wild Bill’s YouTube channels the shows the level of disgust the right is capable of.

When the big fight starts at the Bundy ranch I hope there is a large hospital area behind the front lines to care for all the wounded, with plenty of ER doctors and nurses, as well as supplies. Bullets tend to do great damage, even been known to blow jaws off as well as arms, legs, and genitals,,,still talking tough folks???

  1. Deb

    Been listening to bill since the beginning. I didn’t like it either when he started asking for donations. As for BLM grazing fees, Bundy didn’t stop paying because of the money. BLM radically changed their written agreement which must be signed by the rancher before the BLM will accept the fees. An agreement which is chock full of regulations specifically designed to drive small cattle ranchers out of business. You sound like a savvy guy who can’t be had….you should check out this truth. I did.

  2. Greg Hanson

    The 15 thousand other ranchers in Nevada are able to stay in business operating under the same regulations. However, maybe he is right and the regulations are unfair. Then get together with the other ranchers and fight the BLM together, in unity there is strength. Also, why didn’t he come out and detail the reasons instead of just saying he has no business with the federal government and doesn’t recognize their authority. So please, come up with something better than that as I did research prior to writing the post.

  3. RDNK

    The old saying..”despite what your momma told you,violence does solve problems” ! Do you think the gov’t showed up there with paint ball guns ?

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