The Christian Right and Homophobia


As most Wild Bill for America videos, this one is filled with miss-truths, distorted facts and intolerance.   At least he is consistent.   The premise of this diatribe is completely ridiculous. He suggests that a gay bar that opened in Tampa shut down because Christians prayed for its demise. Really? Does anyone with the slightest ability to think for themselves believe Such an insane statement?

Before I get into that, Christians hate gays because the Bible says you should and they don’t want to do business with them. So an establishment opens that caters to gays and the Christians don’t want that either. I would think Christians would be happy if gays had their own establishment to attend, instead mixing in with straight people.   Not only should gays be prohibited from doing business with Christians, they should be also be prohibited from going to businesses that cater them. Why is so much time and energy wasted on a subject like this?

I happened to know the building he is talking about and several businesses have tried and failed in that location. Although it’s close to some condominiums, for some reason,,, businesses have a tough time in that spot. This bar going out of business is most likely the result of poor business planning and demographic research, opposed someone praying for its demise. Here is a thought,, if it is so easy to shut down a business that you don’t like simply by praying,,, why not pray for something that’s actually important like for ISIS to stop killing Christians. I would imagine that is far more important than some gay bar that isn’t harming anyone.

In order to open to a steak house, Bill will need to get a lot more you tube followers in order to pay for it. And it would fail as well.  The demographics aren’t there to support a patriotic steakhouse, or any steakhouse for that matter. Maybe a chain like Olive Garden would do well; they can afford to make very low margins on certain locations as their footprint is huge. An independent business owner supporting his or her family needs better demographics to support a successful steakhouse.

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