The Tea Party and Muslims

The right is incapable of seeing the world beyond black and white. To back up an idea or opinion they take liberties with the truth and make up lies out of thin air.

I am by no means supporting Islam nor am I afraid to offend Muslims. However, at the same time I am not sitting in my bedroom with a loaded gun while looking out the window and hoping to see a Muslim that I can shoot. This is the mentality of Wild Bill and his group of minion followers who cant contemplate and intelligent thought for themselves.

Lest anyone think I am a bleeding liberal seeking sympathy for Islam as that is certainly not the case.

Bill states that Muslims have raped 10,000 women in Europe and there are no go zones that the media wont report in fear of offending Muslims. That is just not true. They are killing their own people, fellow Muslims almost more than anyone else.   Its not just Christians but anyone they disagree with.  The poor pilot was a Muslim.

Defeating Islamic terrorists is going to take a lot of effort by several countries and unfortunately many people on each side will die before this is over.

There is a lot of talk about trying to understand why young people are susceptible to being radicalized and what can do done to prevent it. But don’t have this conversation with anyone on the right. With their limited scope of thought, all they understand is to kill as many as possible and nothing else. While that is certainly part of the formula, understanding its cause is paramount stopping future radicalization and eradicating  this cancer.

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  1. Joey

    I advise you to read “The Talmud Exposed,” “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” & “9-11 the Deception that Changed the World,” in order to find out who the REAL enemy is, and it’s not the Muslims.

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