What does Wild Bill Think About Bundy Now?

Bill made a video about the Bundy situation as soon as he learned of it, which was probably from some biased conservative website.  Without the benefit of legitimateresearch, he opined how the big bad government is planing to take his cattle because of a species of turtle they are trying to protect.

Bundy recently gave an interview that shows us his racist views?

What does Bill think about Bundy now the real facts of the situation have surfaced?  Is he still some great American being harassed by the Govt. or  some racists trying to get away without paying fees that every other rancher in Nevada pays ?

Mr. Bundy is not very bright. He can’t get through a single sentence without decimating the English language.   It doesn’t appear as if his education goes beyond grade school.    He is an embarrassment to America and a shining example of Tea Party politics. To even suggest that any fellow human being is better off being a slave is reprehensible. There is no other way to interpret his comments as anything but racists. Even if he doesn’t mind sitting next to a black person on the bus, he still looks down on the race. Just referring to black Americans as “The Negro” shows that he doesn’t hold people of color to be in the same caliber as himself.

It amazes me that this type of thinking exists in Modern America. Why did he even mention Black people at all? There was no reason to go there. He apparently enjoys the media spot and if you give a person this stupid enough rope, it’s just a matter of time before they hang themselves.   Even Fox News had to step back and I love how Hannity tries to distance himself from his support of this loser. Look at this clip. http://bit.ly/1lSfqEh

Its very simple, pay your grazing fees like every other rancher in Nevada and everything would be fine. The govt. apparently knew he was going to gather a bunch of want to be militia nut jobs and prepared accordingly. Maybe it was overkill and that should be discussed but this was all self induced by a person who doesn’t want to recognize the Federal Government.


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