Who’s the Real Cry Baby

In this video, Bill refers to most of the country as cry babies.


He names all sorts of people different then him and claims they are offended by decent hard working Americans.  Why is decency only affiliated with his ideas?  This isn’t restricted to liberals and Democrats but anyone who does not follow Christianity. There are plenty of conservative people who are not Christian.

It is ironic because every one of his videos is a complaint about something.  His videos never suggest that Americans should work together and unite  but rather that we (Christians) stand for  everything that is decent and all else are thugs, low lives and have no moral character.

While I am not Christian  I can tell you that I am a decent person.   I work hard, I have a family and 2 young children (daughters) who I will raise to be respectful and honest.  As a family, we are not offended by anyone’s view and respect opinions different then ours.  I believe people should be judged by their actions and Americans should respect one another.   My children have friends of various backgrounds and they innocently play together and have fun.   Couldn’t we learn something from that simple action?

I suspect most of you will write me off as a liberal.  Well, I don’t believe in government hand outs and I believe with hard work, anyone can accomplish success.   The role of government should to limited to that which is absolutely necessary.

Promoting the message of God and country is fine, but it is not an answer that will solve everything.   We need to sit down, roll up our sleeves and work out issues that face America, one by one.  Merely pontificating on God and Country will not make our problems magically disappear.  It was our Founding Fathers, many of whom were Christian, that supported the idea of separation of Church and State.

America is a melting pot and we can start by respecting one another.  Is that liberal?  No, it is common sense.   It’s great to have faith and talk about it.   By all means,  we should share opinions on God and Country.

This is by no means a defense of the left.  They have to stop the nonsense and  respect religion.  Both sides have to put differences aside and work together to come up with solutions to our problems.


  1. Harry B

    The Founding Fathers did not come up with separation of Church and state. Look it up. Do some research, please.

  2. Greg H.

    Is Thomas Jefferson not a founding father? Please educate me.

  3. Harry B

    Yes Thomas Jefferson wrote about that in a letter to a friend. It is not in the Constitution. Also it was meant for the Gov’t not to meddle into the Churches, not the other way around. The founding fathers didn’t want a state religion like England had at the time. But the Lib’s ran with it to block religion from getting into the Gov’t. But it was never meant to be that way. Which further proves to me your a Lib. Because a Conservative or one that votes mostly Republican would know this already.

  4. Greg H.

    Thomas Jefferson wrote it and also spoke of it often.

    Especially after the Bill of Rights. Didn’t the 1st amendment guarantee freedom of religion? Weren’t all state churches disestablished after the Bill of Rights?

    And you just said, the founding fathers didn’t want state religion.

    “But the Libs ran with it to block religion from getting into the Gov’t”

    You are contradicting yourself. Read the first amendment, thoroughly.

  5. Harry B

    I’ll make it simple Thomas Jefferson DID NOT want the Gov’t encroaching on religion but the Lib’s have turned it around by not wanting religion encroaching into the Gov’t. I know you see as the same thing but it’s not.

  6. Greg H.

    Ok fine,, but whats the point of the argument? We are debating on an what someone meant on something that was written over 200 years ago.

    So what do you want? The government to be run by Christians? The government to use religion as it base for creating laws? What is the goal of wining the argument?

    Not every conservative in the US is Christian.

    Of course, I’m written off as liberal because my ideas differ from yours.

  7. Harry B

    Not a bad idea I can go for the Gov’t to be run by Christians and the Gov’t to use Christianity as it’s base for creating laws. I can live with that.

  8. Greg H.

    Then I guess the idea of the government of by and for the people shouldn’t apply.

  9. Harry B

    Listen no matter what you say or tell yourself you come off as a Liberal and or Democrat. I really don’t know what your game is but you definitely don’t come off as a Conservative. I have a friend that is not a Christian but Conservative and he don’t sound like you. Matter of fact he’s a big Wild Bill fan! So, I really don’t know what you are trying to accomplish. You come off like a Lib troll trying to persuade some Conservatives to your way of thinking……….. I just don’t know, but your playing some kind of game……..

  10. Greg H.

    No, not a game, just trying to be reasonable. You associate anything that isn’t far right conservative as liberal. No in between. I’ve said before, i believe in personal responsibility, a smaller government and business friendly environment. I believe welfare laws should be tougher and anyone who receives public assistance should be required to work for it.

    Does that sound like a Democrat to you? Do yo believe in everything about conservatism and lead your life that way? Do you blindly accept the entire ideology of conservatism or do you judge the merit of an issue on an individual basis?

    It’s ridiculous to assume someone is un-American, un-Patriotic and a welfare supporter if they don’t fully subscribe to the far right.

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