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Wild Bill For America

Wild Bill For America


he blog’s purpose is to expose the fact that Wild Bill for America is merely a pitchmen for the extreme right and himself.  His initial sentiment seems ok on the surface.  Ideas like strong moral character, religious faith, respect and honesty.  However, unless you are of Christian faith and share far right ideology, you are written off as a liberal, heckled and ignored.  It’s so hypocritical to come off as a peace loving religious person yet have such contempt for fellow Americans.

The right automatically considers someone like me to be a far left liberal, irrespective of my actual beliefs. I believe in limited government and have an entrepreneurial spirit.  America is the greatest country in the world and remains the land of opportunity.  If you have a great idea, there is no greater platform on Earth to make it happen.  This is the greatest time in history for the entrepreneur.  Technology has leveled the playing field and affords almost anyone the ability to pursue a business.

There are both liberal and conservative ideas that do or do not make sense.   I don’t discount either side and make judgment based on the facts rather than party affiliation.  Bill often quotes Martin Luther king by saying,  judge one not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character.   Shouldn’t that expand to all, irrespective of party affiliation? Shouldn’t everyone get judged by their character?

His intolerance deepens the division in this country. It is ridiculous and counterproductive.  We should share a level of respect for one another and work together to tackle real issue with real solutions.   Bill’s ideologies and the way he expresses them leave no room for outside thought.  Where would we be as a country if everyone thought the same?  Far right ideology has no place in America.  It exactly what the forefather of this country are against.

One goal which is most likely unachievable, is to show the extreme right how ridiculous they really are.