Wild Bill for His Version of America

Here Wild Bill for America, is really only for part of America.

His idea for drug testing welfare recipients not unreasonable.  Anyone who practices welfare fraud should to punished to the full extent of the law.  We are lucky enough to live in a country with the most freedom and greatest opportunities of anyplace in the world.  If you have the nerve to rip off your neighbors who are honest, tax paying citizens, you don’t deserve a place in our society.

Bill only wants red states to adopt these rules?  And his main reason then to hurt blue states!!! Why would he want to hurt any part of the country? This is someone who is for America?  That is ridiculous and he uses distorted facts all throughout the video.  He claims every red state has everything necessary for a strong economy.  That is just a stupid thing to say.  Sure there are some economically healthy red states but not every one by any means.   There are plenty of red states that take more federal tax dollars then they contribute.  For that matter, there are blue states like that as well.

Welfare fraud is not the majority of the welfare budget nor is it the biggest drain on the federal budget.  Regardless, any fraud is too much.  Federal welfare fraud should not be reduced, it should be eradicated.  While recent technology and updated regulations have helped, there is still a very long way to go.

Many welfare recipients are working individuals who don’t earn enough.   That’s an entirely different discussion. A lack of high paying jobs is a major issue in this country.  There is a lot of work to do and we have a dysfunctional government.  Obama has no idea how to reach across the isle and is displaying very poor leadership.

Obama is dong plenty of things wrong.  We don’t need to perpetuate silly arguments like he is a Kenyan, communist, muslim and other things that are made up.  We have plenty of hard core, factual issues to present a strong case that he ineffective in several areas.

Bill,,, come up with solutions that help the entire country!

Isn’t Christianity about love and respect for fellow man?

I’m sure people will call me a liberal for suggesting we address issues in a fair and balanced manor..

  1. SA Croft

    I do not find Bill’s videos at all self-serving or unchristian. He is basically teaching Biblical principals. If a man doesn’t work, he shouldn’t eat. That’s what the Bible says. As far as the blue states go, he is making reference to their Liberal Progressive leaders and policy making. Like Detroit, with Chicago not far behind, those policies ruin economies. I’m not extremely happy with Republicans either, but at least they don’t openly kick God out of their platform, approve of homosexuality which God calls an abomination (Romans chapter 1). Change America’s history, etc. The whole country is headed for disaster for its immorality, and turning its back on God. I think the main problem you have with Bill, is not knowing what the Word of God teaches. Please study it and I think some of the problem will clear itself up.

  2. Greg H.

    If you think Bill is doing all this out of the goodness of his heart, you are mistaken. He is building a business. And I have no issue with that. I’m not suggesting he is Un-Christian as you put it. However, your argument is based on principal and not facts. You claim the downfall of our country is based on immorality and that Detroit was killed by Liberalism. Its not that simple and the facts are more complex. While I respect your religious beliefs I don’t agree simply embracing religion will make our problems go away. We need honest, intelligent debate to figure out solutions to problems.

  3. Pehr Smith

    Dear SA Croft
    What about “Judge not…?”
    What about LOVE?

    “You become mature when you become
    the authority for your own life.”

    -Joseph Campbell

    xoxo, pehr

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