Wild Bill Hates The Educated!!!!!


In his continuing rant against any non conservative, Wild Bill decides to bash universities in America for being to liberal.

Bill, you cite no reasons to back up any statement you make in this video, not one, zero.

You mention that you attended college classes.  When?  In the year 2000 at Bible college? Did you ever graduate the college or colleges that you attended?  Your impressive resume on you wildbillformaerica.com  fails to mention any degrees that you may have earned.

Your friend’s life is a failure because he says the word stupid, which is a result of him attending a liberal college?  Educated liberals are all stupid, have miserable lives and hate their country?  People who attend college without going to a 3rd world country or the military have no values?  Really?  That’s all you have?

The United States has some of the finest universities and students travel from all over the world to attend our schools and learn from the finest.

This is another example of right wing conservatives pushing themselves further of the cliff of sanity.   You have to be really simple minded and sheltered to even consider such a vapid argument.  This goes in line with the entire generalized ideology these people seem to blindly follow.  It amazing how right wing propaganda is strangely effective.  This is Wild Bill just being a blowhard and saying nothing.

As I always say, Republicans wont have a chance as long as this insane brand of conservatism has any influence on the party.



  1. Joey

    Though I never went to college (U.S. Army 1997-2002, was stationed on the Gaza Strip, and was in Afghanistan after the False Flag 9-11 attack, which Netanyahu said “9-11 was awesome for Israel.”), but I do have to question your opinion on “Learning from the FINEST?!?” I met “SOME” teachers who are complete (Satan’s Counterfeit Israel-loving) morons (just like Wild Bill) who have no business brainwashing, oops I mean “teaching” kids. With what I know now, I’m a genius compared to the 90% of the brainwashed morons here in Z.O.S.A. (Zionist Occupied States of America).

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