Wild Blowhard For America


There are many strange things about far right ideology.  Most of it is based on generalized ideas that lack substance.  The right sis looking to bring back a golden age of America that never existed.   They distort the past that they are trying to resurrect.

Wild Bill For America claims that the military is disrespected and hated by the left.  He goes on to suggest that the left wants our military to be weak and on par with other nations.  He then went as far to say that if Obama were in office in 1944 during WWII, that there would be a lynching at the white house.

What normal, civil, decent person talks like that?  Why choose the word lynched?   It’s just a disgusting way to express a thought.

There is no reason given as to why the left despises the military or any detailed proposal for concrete change.   Then what’s his point?  He is just blow hard spewing drivel.

No educated person with the slightest understanding of history and politics would ever make such a vapid argument.

Unless of course you are a former police officer living in Florida who dresses up in a cowboy hat and makes YouTube videos in order to get attention by beating a drum to right’s talking points.

What a blow hard……………………………………………….

The scary thing are the bizarre comments his followers make.  Look what this wacko has to say .  He advocates violence and revolution if he doesn’t get what he wants through the ballot box.  And what he wants is the same vague right wing message which is to bring our country back to what the forefathers wanted.

  1. chris

    What amazes me is Billy Boy does not respond to vets but he claims he supports vets. If that is the case than billy boy owes vets the decency of his proof of service, especially when their is a discrepancy of his service as he lied about being a corp man in this video is proof.

    lastly how do you not want to be labeled a racist but make racist comments on a regular. Billy Boy you used the term lynching in a obvious scripted video, you wanted everyone to focused in on you at that mark. You spelled out the tea parties true problem, that being the President is black.

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