Wild Hypocrite For America


Bill feels that the left vilifies the right by miss-quoting statements from conservatives to further a liberal agenda.  He cites a few examples of this and then goes on to criticize the right for pulling support for republicans who don’t fit the profile of a perfect conservative.

This is a great example of the infighting within the Republicans party along with the state of politics in general.  Bill suggests that taking quotes out of context is strictly a liberal tactic.

It’s a tactic of both sides and a catalyst of gridlock in government.

Democrats try to keep dissention within the party to a minimum; at least publically.

Below are a few examples of criticisms often cited by conservative that are also taken out of context.

“All Gore tried to take credit for creating The Internet”
This is a blatant mistruth. Gore sponsored a bill to commercialize the internet and make it available to the general public. Pretty ironic that a party that is accused by conservatives as trying silence people, was instrumental in democratizing online information by enabling anyone with online access to voice their opinion. The very reason Bill is able to post his videos.

“You didn’t build that”
This is a republican favorite. Obama was really suggesting that the infrastructure that business uses to grow (roads, bridges, highways,, etc) was created by government and not the entrepreneur. It’s true. America is the greatest platform on earth for creating and building a business, hands down.

“What’s the difference?”
This is another Republican favorite. While testifying, Hillary Clinton suggested that the most important thing to do find out where the breakdown in communication occurred and prevent another attack from occurring on an American embassy. What the difference really referred to whether the attack was premeditated or spontaneous.

Both sides are guilty of the same thing and the false accusations just further the gap, making bipartisanship nearly impossible.

America needs to stop the nonsense on both sides and attack real problems that face our Country. Pointing fingers and merely calling for God and Country principals will not make our problems magically disappear.

  1. Wild Bill for America

    I see Greg is trying to minimize the foolishness of liberal statements.
    For instance Obama tried to make the case that government is responsible for building businesses because the govt. maintains the roads that lead to and from the business.
    That is nothing but a desperate attempt by Obama to cover the well established fact that govt destroys economies whenever it tries to regulate businesses.
    The best way to ensure thriving economies is for the govt to stay out of the way!

    And Hillary’s shriek was intended to ridicule the fact that we think terrorist murders should be investigated even if it involves the Secretary of State!

  2. chris

    Wild Bill is a fraud and a phony

  3. Jack

    You are the phony! Your argument is with God and you will not even talk with Him. Oh, you do not believe that there is a god? So now, you are not just a phony, but you are also stupid. Oh, this world just kind of happened all by itself. I see. And you put some ingredients on your kitchen counter with the window open. Some wind came in and mixed the ingredients and then it rained and the water got in the dry mixture. The sun came out and baked the wet mixture and, there it is, you have a cake. Now explain the ingredients of the sun, wind, and rain. Now explain the statistical probability of your cake
    happening. When you get stumped, ask God. God created. Scientists try and discover how He did it. You are just a phony rebel. You just will not believe and God and that solves it for you. Now take your toys and go home, spoiled brat!

  4. chris

    Jack you are a dip shit

    Answer this Jack who created God

    if you can’t answer that your entire God theory is just that which makes you the idiot

    BTW I would love to debate wild bill but he avoids me like the plague because I’m a real vet unlike him

  5. Greg Hanson

    Want to chime in on the creation of the earth. When scientists get stumped, they don’t give up and just say God did it. They keep perusing on a quest for greater knowledge. You are oversimplifying to support your argument. We know far more about the creation of the earth than we used to. However, of course we do not understand the origin of life as of yet. That doesn’t mean we should take give up because certain scientific discoveries don’t explain everything are contradictory to the Bible. Exploration and discovery and built into humans and as a race. We continually strive to increase knowledge.

    This is not condemning religion. I have tremendous respect for faith and think people should be able to freely practice whatever faith they want, as long as it doesn’t involve harming anyone.

    With all the power we have from the knowledge built upon generations of discovery, its ridiculous that we have such petty arguments.

  6. Greg Hanson

    nice name there

  7. Joey

    “Atheists are abject idiots who rely on the lies in science created and taught by us, thus transforming these fools to become our laboratory rats willing to sacrifice themselves for our cause without them even knowing it.”

    Karl Marx 1874 A.D.

    Well, I’m with you there Karl.

  8. Sean

    To the tune of grandma got run over by a reindeer
    I stumbled on wild bill for amarica
    The faint of heart may now want to leave
    You can say there’s no such thing as satan
    But after seeing him you will belive
    He’d been posting video regularly
    And they said the BS has got to go
    But he forgot his medication
    And so his schitsophrenia began to show
    When I found the video the fallowing morning
    I almost had a heart attack
    Might have well had a swastica on his forehead
    As a testament to the intelegence…. …. His subsribers lack
    I stumbled on wild bill for amarica
    The faint of heart may now want to leave
    You can say there’s no such thing as satan
    but after seeing him you will belive

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