Secret Service, Not So Secret

Lets start with his most popular video.  He claims to have a source of friends in the Secret Service that are passing exclusive information to him, and him alone.

These stories are far fetched and questionable to anyone who puts any rational thought to his claims.  In one part, he suggest that Barbra bush would head out of the White House on snowy nights to make sure guards on perimeter duty were warm enough, and if they weren’t, she would bring them jackets and blankets.  Does anyone think the secret service is not professionally equipped to deal with any situation that could possible arise?  Do you think they would go outside, in the cold without proper gear?  Really?  Come on Bill, that’s ridiculous.  The same set of friends has been feeding him information through multiple administrations for over 20 years.

He goes on to say that Michelle Obama is a racist and makes it clear that she hates white people.  Only Wild Bill For America gets this information.  The Secret Service agents keep her racism secret, except of course to Wild Bill For America.  And he puts a video out about it.

Stop and think, does anyone really believe this?

  1. Greg H.

    Just been busy with business.

    Here is why I did this blog.

  2. DAVE

    All of you sound like fence riders to me. That fake Wild Bill is about as much a cowboy as he is a patriot. Day and night cannot dwell together. nor can Wid Bill and truth.

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  4. William Shilling

    It boils down to one thing. RELIGION! Wild Bill, has an issues with all religions that doesn’t follow the Judea-Christian Morals. I personal would like to see him speak about something but Atheist and Islam. How about the Religions that came before the Jewish Religion? Even Satanism, Wicca, Paganism, Buddhism, Hindi, and so forth.

  5. Greg H.

    We can’t have a free and flourishing society if one way of thinking is the rationale. To completely discredit the majority of the world that doesn’t believe in the same ideals is ridiculous.

  6. Rowdy

    Freakin Idiot. Barbra IS documented to do these things. Not because they were needed but because she choose to show that she cared and respected these men. Not possible that a SS agent might have a career that lasted 20 years or more? Then your for sure a drowning idiot, clutching at straws. It is also WELL documented as to many of the things that killery said and did. She is one of the most vile and demented people walking the face of this earth. And as for MOOOCHELLE, her attitude and feelings towards our country is very clear in many documented cases. Most clear and obvious is her statement in front of the cameras that ONLY after her O BAM Ass faggot and supposed husband was elected prez was she proud of her country for the first time. Well if you have never been proud of your country you sure as hell shouldn’t be here. Oh I see: William shilling. Now he is not allowed his own beliefs but must condone or validify satanistic religions in order to pacify idiots like you. F Off you idiot.

  7. Greg H.

    What does an Secret Sservice agent having a 20 year career have to do with anything I wrote? You refer to me as an idiot more than once yet you are unable to construct a grammatically correct sentence. Quick lesson, when referring to something that belongs to me, its your, when referring to an action or something about me, its you’re.

    You are a typical uneducated right wing nut using infantile name calling (moochelle and killary) to express points that are not salient and incoherent. So why don’t you F OFF and come back when you get an education.

  8. chris

    Rowdy the Bush family are elitists who have a history of drug abuse and excessive drinking

    The Secret Service carry top secret clearances so no SS agent talked to you or the fake cowboy so stop lying

    lastly I served my country did you? the jury is still out on billy on since he will not respond to vets wanting to know who the hell he is

  9. Gene

    I hesitate jumping in here. Really don’t need the abuse likely to follow.
    Please stop trying to kill the messenger and deal with the message. Working over the messenger is a diversionary tactic.

  10. rad

    this is the same hill billy asshole who said he was going to take his troops of assholes to DC and over throw the us government, yea what happenstances, wild bill wild bill? all talk and no action cuz he knows dam well if he tryed that he and his asshole full of pic up trucks would be blown away to never never land before they even got with in 100 miles of the white house by a simple drone with a law rocket right up thier sorry asses…..

  11. rad

    Yea try it wild bill, yer ass would be no mone grass before you even left the state of tx-ass.

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