Wild Bill For America

Wild Bill for America

Wild Bill For America

William Finlay
, a person who refers to himself as Wild Bill For America, purports to be a patriotic American dedicated to Christian and conservative values and utilizes youtube to spread his message in a continuing series of 2 to 3 minutes videos.  He is an avid Tea Party supporter and has advocated starting a new party that is even farther to the right.

He uses various outlets on the Internet to spread his message and gain followers.  Wild Bill for America attempts to appear non self-serving but really has goal to make money.

He  distorts the truth and spreads messages of intolerance and disgust towards anyone who is not a far right wing radical.  His real goal is to make money, period.  Whether is trying to sell you merchandise,  elicit donations through another website he runs or get views on his YouTube channel, it’s all an attempt to enrich himself.

Wild Bill is a made up character, a creation by William Finlay.  He placates the right by preaching hatred and intolerance that is masked under the guise of religion.    Bill Finlay and Will Bill for America are not one in the same. I would bet money that William Finlay does not wear that cowboy hat in his private life.

While I’m confident that he has a background in law enforcement,  I’m sure the resume on his website is exaggerated. Does he live by the moral code he implies on video?  Does he truly have family values? Is he the model right wing zealot he represents?

His videos are professionally produced and he is for the most part well spoken, confident in his message and convincing on the surface.   I attempted intelligent debate with him on his YouTube forum and of course he he quickly blocked me and wrote me off as a liberal, which is not true.  Well, HE CANT BLOCK ME HERE!!!

If I am wrong about Mr. Finlay, then by all means, please tell me why.  This is a open forum……………………..